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Welcoming Communities 2.0

The Welcoming Community project is designed to promote the recruitment, integration and retention of French-speaking future health and social services professionals in communities in Central Southwestern Ontario.


The Welcoming Community 2014-2018 pilot project demonstrated that community involvement helps to support and encourage the integration of bilingual students and future professionals by generating more community involvement, networking, and internship opportunities. Supported by these positive results, Health Canada agreed to extend the funding for 2018-2023 to launch the initiative in more regions of southern Ontario.  This will allow more communities, health and social service providers, educational institutions, students and future professionals to benefit from this initiative.

Comments from participants:

Service provider partner

“This initiative has demonstrated the importance and the need to create and maintain connections between colleges, universities, students and service providers to ensure that there is a strategic collaborative effort to introduce job placements and employment opportunities in minority Francophone regions to Francophone and bilingual students entering the workforce.”

University partner

“Our students who speak French are eager to continue in French and participate in a francophone medical community. Some students wish to complete clinical training in French to serve francophone patients, while others wish to complete a residency in a francophone region or in a French medical school.”

Student participants

“I found the Je parle français badge very useful – in Toronto, francophone patients feel comfortable speaking to me in French. And of course, the internship really helped me learn the medical terminology in French.”

“Continue working with anglophone medical schools to let students know that these opportunities exist!”

“[This initiative] will help me to better communicate and transmit my experiences to the francophone community.”

Target partners:

  • 5 Communities of practices and/or Interagency Network of Health and Social Service providers who wish to attract new francophone and bilingual human resources to their region.
  • Francophone and bilingual students from programs targeted by Health Canada during the 2014-2018 period: nursing, social work, medicine, psychology and speech pathology, as well as programs identified in the regions.
  • Francophone and anglophone colleges and universities in southern Ontario that are offering these programs.
  • Bilingual healthcare professionals who wish to be informed about community resources and career opportunities in these regions.

Welcoming Strategies aimed to:

  • Support the identification of students enrolled in health and social service programs who hold a French or bilingual high school diploma.
  • Set up and promote community welcoming activities for bilingual students to promote recruitment, integration, and retention of bilingual professionals in southwestern Ontario.
  • Foster efforts to promote bilingual students’ placement agreements with health and social service providers.

The Windsor and London Community 

Membres du CPPB Steering Committee -Launching day – March 21st 2019

New mini-site of information and virtual meeting space on Healthchat for professionals in the fields of health, addiction, social services, and wellness.

A place for networking, improving French language skills, exchanging information, news and resources, seeking internship and job opportunities and discussing challenges and solutions to deliver quality services in French

Perfect for:

  • Human resources and professionals serving the francophone population in the region.
  • Agencies offering bilingual services and services in French.
  • College and university students who are seeking resources in French and want to do internships in the francophone community
  • Human resources and professionals seeking employment opportunities in the region.


For more information, contact the Steering Committee:

The Waterloo, Wellington, Guelph  Community

Lead by the WWG Round Table which brings together 15 Francophone agencies and service providers

Photo taken for Alicia Blancher’s article • Journalist • March 26, 2019 Team at

  • The official launch of the WWG Round Table and the Welcoming Community project on March 28
  • A survey conducted identified 30 students interested in improving their French language capacity at Conestoga College
  • Launch of a questionnaire for agencies to determine interest in offering placements to French-speaking students

For more information, contact the roundtable’s chair at:


The Niagara region community

Lead by Niagara Interagency Table’s Health Committee, which brings together 35 Francophone agencies and service providers

Rendez-vous Carrières-santé at Brock University – February 26 2019

  • Job fair Rendez-vous Careers in healthcare organized and hosted at Brock University on February 26th, 2019
  • Identification of 50 new French-speaking students and the creation of linkages with 13 agencies offering French language services in the region
  • One internship placement identified following the fair
  • 2 identified students recruited
  • Identification of 15+ new clients interested in the services offered by Francophone community agencies

For more information, contact members of the Health Committee at:


The Mississauga Halton Community

Lead by the Mississauga Halton LHIN French Language Service (FLS) Community of Practices (CoP), Representing 22 francophone organizations and service providers in the region

  • Survey of local health and social service providers to determine interest and needs around placements for students
  • Production of a video clip to promote the opportunities identified to future professionals in the region

Join our Welcoming Community!

For more information, visite the CoP Welcoming community web page at:

The North Simcoe Muskoka Community

Lead by the North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN’s FLS Community of Practice (CoP) which brings together 11 agencies and health service providers

  • Development of promotional material to showcase CoP member agencies and providers
  • Creation of a community partnership with La Clé d’la Baie to facilitate the promotion of recruitment and development of French language capacity for health and social services professionals

For more information, contact Sylvie Boulet from Entité 4,

News Articles

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Doctor recruiting tip from Clare, NS

Systemic Social Worker discussed how to better integrate bilingual (French-English) students in Francophone communities.

A bilingual social worker shares on the advantage of having access to French and bilingual placement opportunities.


HR Strategy – (French  )

Online resource platform to support managers from Anglophone or bilingual organizations to maximize their ability to serve francophone and Acadian minority populations.

The Franco Doc Tool Box

The Tool Box is a collection of resources for learning the medical French you need to improve your language and culture skills. It is also a database of learning opportunities in French.

Med Interpret

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This initiative is funded by Health Canada under the Action Plan for Official Languages – 2018-2023: Investing in Our Future. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada.