French Health Network

Strategic directions and accomplishments

Strategic directions

In 2013, the French Health Network adopted six new strategic directions that reflect the priorities of Health Canada and Société Santé en français for Destination santé 2018.

These strategic directions aim to:

  • the organization and the adaptation of services to improve accessibility
  • the consultation, development and tooling of human resources to increase quality and safety of French services
  • the action on health determinants to improve French well-being
  • the exchange of knowledge based on research and evaluation to achieve optimal quality of service
  • organizational capacity
  • partnerships and collaborative work


 Over $3 million for projects to enhance French health services in central-southwestern Ontario since 2004

  • Support for 12 French-language services projects for the period 2010 to 2013
  • Support for the implementation of the four French Language Health Planning Entities in central-southwestern Ontario
  • Membership in the Alliance des réseaux ontariens de santé en français, an alliance of French health networks in Ontario
  • An information kit on nutrition and exercise for young children called L’alimentation saine et l’activité physique sécuritaire en dix points

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