Best Practices

Best Practices


In the left hand side index, you can find models of practice and reports concerning best practices or exemplary practices in the area of health care that could be used or adapted to meet the needs of the Francophone population in South Central Ontario.

The index can be accessed directly by using the search engine, so that search criteria can be indicated.

What is a Best Practice?

Generally, Best Practices, also called exemplary practices or excellent practices, refer to actions,  approaches or know-how that lead to the desired outcome and are given as an example to peers, in order to share with them an experience that will bring about some collective improvement. Best Practices are those that best meet needs, taking into account the evidence available and the particular situation or context.

Important Criteria for Best Practices


The organization that introduced the practice has a good reputation and has demonstrated professionalism in its activities.

The practice has been successful in improving health and health outcomes for people and communities. This can be demonstrated through qualitative and quantitative data.


The practice has an important impact on one or several health determinants publicly identified.


The practice has been repeated or reproduced several times with the same result and survived over time.


The practice may be adapted or repeated in other contexts or environments, in order to obtain comparable success, since it isn’t linked to environmental or individual factors.