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Systemic Level

2012-2013 Annual Report: A New Approach

Office of the French Language Services Commissioner

This report covers the activities of the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner from April 1, 2012, to March 31, 2013, and provides a review of its last six years.  It contains three recommendations for the Ontario government.

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI)

The CFHI has been dedicated to accelerating healthcare improvement in Canada for the last decade. They  are a not-for-profit organization with collaborations across the country that include partnerships with researchers, practice leaders and front-line clinical leaders. Since their inception in the late 1990s, they have established a pan-Canadian reach and built an international reputation.

Commissariat aux services en français

The French Language Services Commissioner has a mandate to conduct independent investigations under the French Language Services Act, either in response to complaints or on his own initiative, to prepare reports on his investigations, and to monitor the progress made by government agencies in the delivery of French-language services in Ontario.

Destination santé 2018: quality, safety and well-being in French. A document that shows strategic axes of the French health for the next five years.

Société santé en français/French only

Entités de planification des services de santé en français

Created according to the Local Health System Integration Act 2006 and the Ontario Regulation 515 on the Engagement with the Francophone community, the six Ontario planning entities have been mandated to advise and make recommendations to the 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) on issues related to health services, needs and priorities for Francophone communities in Ontario.

Evaluation of the Official Languages Health Contribution Program 2008-2012

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, March 2013

The purpose of the Official Languages Health Contribution Program (OLHCP) evaluation was to assess the relevance and performance of the Program in fulfillment of the requirements of the Financial Administration Act and the Treasury Board Policy on Evaluation (2009). The evaluation covered the period from April 2008 to June 2012.

French Language Services Act

The French Language Services Act (1986) (FLSA) guarantees an individual's right to receive services in French from Government of Ontario ministries and agencies in designated areas.

Mental Health in Ontario

Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l'Ontario, Sept 2013

Guidance document for the commitment of French partners to validate priorities in mental health and measures against addictions in Ontario. (French only)

Office of Francophone Affairs

Created under the French Language Services Act, the Office of Francophone Affairs works together with the ministries to ensure that the Act is applied. With assistance from the French Language Services Coordinators, it ensures that the public has access to services in French in the 25 designated areas. It also provides information on the province's Francophone population to other levels of government and the public.

Ontario’s Policy Framework for Child and Youth Mental Health

A Shared Responsibility

As the champion of children and youth, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) has developed a policy framework to provide strategic direction for ongoing improvements over the next decade. The framework applies to all Ontario children and youth up to age 18.

Ministry of Children and Youth Services, November 2006

Overview of demographic, economic and social profile of the Francophone population of Ontario between 2001 and 2006

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Portrait of Francophones in Ontario following the 2011 census according to the Inclusive Definition of Francophone (IDF)

Office of Francophone Affairs


Réseau de service de santé en français de l’Est de l’Ontario (RSSFE)

The Network (the "Réseau") is a Francophone organization that engages the Health-care Community and the Francophone Community in all its diversity to improve the offer and the quality of French Language Health Services in Eastern and South-Eastern Ontario.

Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario (RMEFNO)

The RMEFNO's purpose is to ensure that Francophones in Northern Ontario have access to a continuum of quality French language health care programs and services that meet their needs.

Setting the stage

Primary Health Care in French in Ontario (2006) Provincial and Regional study

image setting the stageSetting the Stage is a French language health services planning project. It is a national initiative of the Société Santé en français (SSF) and is funded by Health Canada through the Primary Health Care Transition Fund (Official Language Minority Communities Envelope). Over the past two years, Canada’s 17 French language health networks, including the Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l'Ontario [Franco Health Network
of Southern Ontario], have been conducting a study involving both field work and documentary research. The goal of the study was to achieve a better understanding of the health needs, gaps and priorities of Francophone minority communities and to develop potential solutions. One of the project’s concrete deliverables has been all of the information and analyses now available that will facilitate decision making on the best ways of providing quality health care services to the Francophone population.

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Study – The evolution of English-French bilingualism in Canada from 1961 to 2011

Statistics Canada, May 2013

Research and Statistics on trends in bilingualism in Canada. Identification of factors that may explain the recent stagnation of bilingualism across the country since 2011.

The French presence in Ontario – Infographic illustration

Office of the French Language Services Commissioner

Infographic which illustrates the French presence in Ontario using the census of population 2011.


 Francophones in Ontario

Toolkit to Healthier Communities — Influencing Healthy Public Policies

Ontario Chronic disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA)

This toolkit is for anyone who wants to advance health policy in their community or encourage change at the local level. See also the accompanying resource Handbook to Healthier Communities.

Active Offer of French Language Health Services in Ontario

Joint Position Statement on the Active Offer of French Language Health Services in Ontario The Regroupement des Entités de planification des services de santé en français de l’Ontario and the Alliance des Réseaux ontariens de santé en français March 2015

Health Human Resources Strategy

The concepts and courses of action presented here are aimed at increasing French language health services across Canada. This online resource provides a framework for recruitment and retention of bilingual human resources in the context of health services for a minority population.

Health Human Resources Strategy

This resource is currently available in English and at no cost. All resources, promising practices, and testimonials are available in English and French. Tools can be downloaded and adapted to managers and HR personnel’s needs and goals. The content will be updated regularly and is aligned with the LEADS in a Caring Environment Capabilities Framework, which is a foundational element for health leadership development in Canada. Register today via the eQUITY Link platform:

  The online resource model is based on the structured six-step framework from the Health Human Resource Strategy as presented in the Framework for Recruitment & Retention of Bilingual Human Resources in the Health Sector published in 2015. This platform is funded by Health Canada through the Roadmap for Canada’s Official Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communities.

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Health Canada confirms renewed funding for French language health services

Moncton, May 30 – The Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l’Ontario is pleased to officially announce the continuation of its activities for the next four years, thanks to the renewal of the Health component of the Roadmap for Canada’s official languages. The Réseau as well as the Société santé en français and the French Language Health Networks will benefit from the support of the federal government until March 2018 through an investment of 23.3 million over four years.

Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l’Ontario works in partnership with the Société santé en français and the 16 provincial, territorial or regional French across Canada. Their activities range from networking, health promotion, language and cultural training, adaptation of services and knowledge transfer.

The Roadmap for Canada’s Official Languages, announced in March 2013, comprises an important health component. The Société has been working closely with Health Canada since the initial announcement to meet all the requirements for the signing of these agreements.

“The contribution from Health Canada as part of the Roadmap for Official Languages is warmly welcomed by all members of the French Language Health Movement,” said Dr. Aurel Schofield, president of the Société Santé en français. “For 10 years, we worked in partnership with the federal government and the French Language Health Networks to increase access to quality health services in French for Francophone and Acadian communities. A huge amount of work has been done in recent years, and we look forward to finally start activities for the period 2014-2018. "

"With this contribution, the Réseau du sud will continue to enhance its unique responsibilities to link initiatives created with regional, provincial and federal partners. These essential collaborations weave the fabric needed to accomplish the goals of Destination 2018 health. "Confirms the president of the Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l’Ontario, Daniel Zbacnik.

Since its creation in 2002, the Société Santé en français, in partnership with the French Language Health Networks , has supported more than 200 initiatives throughout the country .

The Société Santé en français (SSF) and its member networks contribute actively to the healthy development of minority Francophone and Acadian communities in a quality healthcare system that respects their cultural, social and linguistic values.


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