Addiction Toolkit

 CAMH, Center for Addiction and Mental Health

This accessible and practical reference is for health care providers who work in a primary care setting and who have patients with substance use problems. Based on current clinical evidence and the extensive clinical experience of the editors and contributors, the toolkit provides brief answers to common clinical questions, as well as relevant clinical tools and patient resources.


Best Start Resource Centre from Health Nexus

Various tools and materials to assist health professional promoting breastfeeding amount new moms.

Community engagement

Health Nexus, Your health promotion specialist

Health Nexus produces multi-media resources on a broad range of health promotion topics, both independently and in collaboration with other organizations and experts.

Our tools include how-to guides, best practices, tip sheets and videos—and we can also link you to the latest sources in heath promotion from around the world.

Differential Glossary of Health Terms

Moncton University

In the Maritime Provinces, doctor-patient communication has become increasingly complicated by the regional varieties of the French language. The purpose of the Les mots pour parler des maux glossary, i.e. ‘Words Used to Talk About Aches and Pains’, is to facilitate the integration of health-care workers who are less familiar with Acadian French and to improve the delivery of health services.  - See more at:

Early Learning Resource

Ophea; Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities

Various resources and ideas for physical activity program, warm-up session and health promotion education tools for school aged children.

É (French resource)

OPHEA Écoles saines, Communautés saines, Nexus Santé, Élargir l'espace francophone (French resource)

é from educavie on Vimeo.

This site develops and sustains collaboration among public health professionals, community health services and francophone education services in Ontario. This network, which focuses on the health and well-being focus on the following topics: growth and sexuality, mental health, addiction, healthy eating and physical skills.

Health Promotion On-line Course (HP-101)

The Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS)

Free online course offer to support health promotion in Ontario by strengthening the capacity of individuals and organizations to plan and implement health promotion programs.

HSPnet, Health Science Placement Network

HSPnet is a comprehensive, web-enabled Practice Education Management system for the health sciences, addressing challenges of discipline-specific and interprofessional student placements.

Interventions pluri-ethniques (French resource)

Le Regroupement des intervenants francophones en santé et en services sociaux de l’Ontario (Rifssso)

Toolbox, research and course to improve stakeholders knowledge's and approach in multicultural contexts./Offer in French only

Je parle français


Get on the right track to diversity and inclusion!

French speaking people are an invisible minority that are not recognized by a last name alone… Let the French speaker come to you.

Clearly place the focus on your bilingual staff using these simple and effective promotional tools. These posters, pins, and promo items have been proven effective by various Ontario organizations working with Francophone Minority Communities.

The models were enhanced in response to trials and recommendations by customers and users in health care settings.
Increase your staffs’ productivity and reduce patient confusion.

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Jeux du francais medical (French resource)

Médecins francophones du Canada (French resource)

The French physicians of Canada website offers various games to learn appropriate French medical terms to use in different situations. Which terms are acceptable or should be avoided. Very interesting tool for English speaking doctors working with francophone minorities.


Le Nombril (French magazine)

le nombrilPerinatal and Early childhood magazine 
produced Yukon Francophone parents for the minority communities across Canada. (French only)

Marche vers le futur (Walking towards the futur)

"Marche vers le futur" is one of a kind initiative to prevent falls and designed to meet the needs of clients in remote regions. marche vers le futur3A design initiative to remotely meet client’s need on a unique fall prevention program. Through this program, seniors living in francophone minority communities can now receive similar training to those living in urban areas. Through videoconferencing, participants receive professional expertise which are not available in their communities. Become a trainer following a free two day videoconferencing training. For more information, contact CNFS – Volet Université d’Ottawa by email ([email protected]) or by phone at 613-562-5800ext 8027 or toll free at 1 877-221-2637

Portail de formation linguistique et d’adaptation culturelle, en santé

Le Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS)

Certaines communautés francophones ont leur façon bien à eux de communiquer. Qu'il s'agisse d'un accent particulier, d'un vocabulaire qui s'inspire de leurs origines et de leur histoire ou d'une façon de faire qui les caractérise, il est parfois difficile de les comprendre. Vous trouverez sous la section « Formation d'adaptation culturelle (FAC) » différentes formations ou divers outils permettant de mieux comprendre les variantes linguistiques et culturelles des communautés francophones vivant en situation minoritaire au Canada.

Primer to Action — Social Determinants of Health — Revised Edition

Ontario Chronic disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA)

A resource for health professionals, volunteers and activists to explore the influence of social determinants of health on chronic diseases

Professionnels formés à l’étranger (French resource)

Le Regroupement des intervenants francophones en santé et en services sociaux de l’Ontario (Rifssso)

Toolkit for international professionals wishing to practice in Canada./Offer in French only

The Best Start Resource Centre

 Best Start by health Nexus Santé


 The Best Start Resource Centre produces multi-media resources on a broad range of topics related to preconception health, prenatal health and early child development, developed in collaboration with, or with support from other organizations and experts. Materials range from fact sheets, brochures, manuals, posters, displays and videos to program planning guides and reports.

The Tool Box for French Services (French only)

Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS)

Groupe de recherche et d'innovation sur l'organisation des services de santé (GRIOSS)

Facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and skills leading to the active offer of French language health services, this toolkit has two objectives: educate Francophone health professionals about the importance and scope of their role and help them to integrate more French active offer in their practice in order to provide quality, safe, ethical and fair health care services.

Toolkit to Healthier Communities — Influencing Healthy Public Policies

Ontario Chronic disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA)

This toolkit is for anyone who wants to advance health policy in their community or encourage change at the local level. See also the accompanying resource Handbook to Healthier Communities.

Training Institute on Violence Against Women

Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes (AOcVF)

This organization offer training in French in person at the provincial and regional level, as well as an online self-learning modules training. They also created documents, analysis, intervention tools, advocacy tools, webcasts and podcasts. The institute constantly develops new training activities. You can find on their website information and resources you need to intervene effectively in the field of violence against women and children. (French service only)